Our services, who we are and how we work

Sum-up in English

Work Smarter

Learn how to work smarter and free up value adding time. We have experience in training individuals, groups, teams, departments or the whole organization. Learn how to reach your goals, master your inbox, structuring your desk and PC, prioritorizing and planning with realism, focusing on the most value adding activities and handling large and complex tasks or projects.

Sales efficiency

Learn how to increase your sales efficiency with customized and focused sales training and development. Our target group are sales oriented employees and managers, engineers, key account managers, customer service and other employees who have sales as responsibility.

Team collaboration

Learn how to improve your team and the way you collaborate internal and external. We focus on solving, implementing solutions which will improve your team performance and increase customer satisfaction.

Leadership coaching

Become a more efficient leader by learning effective working methods and improving your facilitation skills.

Worklife balance

Learn how to handle stress and become more focused.

Project and proces optimization

Learn how to use effective methods to optimize your projects and processes. Target group is intermediate and advanced knowledge workers, managers or specialists.

Business optimization

Learn how to use Business intelligence as a powerfull tool to improve your business. Through process optimization and covering your needs we train end-users in using the powerfull tools available in the Office suite.

About us

Best Practice Eudcation has existed since 1998 and we have trained knowledge workers in almost every industry.Our customers range from Novo Nordisk, Carlsberg, Siemens, Nestlé and many more.

How we work

Our target is to deliver value adding training which foucs on solving the challenges you or your organisation face. We customize training that meets your needs and guarantee a high return on investment.

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